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Pub awarded Suffolk Carbon Charter GOLD for second time!

We have been awarded the Gold Suffolk Carbon Charter, recognising our green credentials and reduction in carbon emissions for a second time! We are exceptionally proud to have been recognised by the Suffolk Carbon Charter at this re-assessment.

We are one of only 24 businesses in Suffolk to have been awarded this level of the charter. The Carbon Charter is awarded to companies that are monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions. It is intended to provide public recognition of this vital step to Suffolk County Councils shared goal of Creating the Greenest County. The Gold Charter is only awarded to companies that, in addition to having achieved significant reductions in their carbon emissions, are also using their position to influence their communities, whether through their supply chain, customers or staff. Its award indicates you are being recognised for best practice in your carbon management.

In 2012, the SCC panel praised our submission as one of the most comprehensive yet received, in particular the excellent, long term data monitoring and a good rate of emission reduction. They also commented that this is all the more impressive when considering the benchmarking data that shows how low the emissions are compared even to industry best practice, see chart below.

In 2014, the SCC panel “were hugely impressed by the ongoing commitment demonstrated by a continuing programme of activity at The White Horse; in particular a number of effective efficiency measures, from lighting to water heating, have made a real difference. The panel also noted an effective programme of review”.

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